ADA Compliance: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know nearly 1 in every 5 Americans has a disability? In business, it’s vital that companies work towards accommodating all customers and employees, particularly those with disabilities. A helpful way to do this is to review and follow the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which protects those with physical and mental disabilities from being discriminated against. Here are some helpful reminders to keep in mind as you review your company’s ADA compliance:

Review the Four Main Sections

Depending on your business, there will be different requirements in place in order to be ADA compliant. There are four principal sections, and while the first two are probably more relevant, you should thoughtfully review each to confirm you’re following proper procedures: Employment, State and Local Government Agencies/Public Transportation, Public Accommodations, and Telecommunications.

Don’t Forget About Your Website

ADA compliance isn’t just for your physical business, it’s digital as well. Review and update your website so those with disabilities can easily browse your online store. Great examples include adding alt text tags and creating text transcripts for visual and audible content including videos, photos, and audio files, as well as creating a consistent and organized layout that allows users to navigate the site with ease.

It Goes Beyond Physical and Digital

While making your store and website ADA compliant is important, it’s equally as important to remember to be flexible and accommodating with customers with disabilities. For a truly great customer experience, go above the minimum requirements to ensure every customer who visits your store whether in person or online, leaves with a positive impression (and hopefully a purchase or two!)

Keep these tips in mind as you review your organization’s ADA compliance. For more information on ADA, visit

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