Office Layout & Design Process

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As the saying goes, we're all product of our environment. It stands to reason that your office environment should be as conducive to hard work and functionality as possible. At Magee we have over 60 years of experience in designing, outfitting and finishing office interior that meet the needs of any company with creativity, aesthetics and a premium on ergonomics.

Unless you're a facility manager you probably don't think much about your office space. We do. That's why we're a one-stop single source supplier for all your commercial furnishings, with a complete line of contract furniture to suit any space, budget or tastes. Magee works exclusively with the top names in the industry to bring you only the latest designs and the best quality.

Since no two offices or companies are alike, we approach every situation with a fresh perspective. It starts with a site survey to assess your needs, and a coordination meeting to determine what will work best for you. Once we've fully understood the scope of the project and the space, our professional designers will develop an effective, detailed plan using state-of-the-art design and programming techniques to realize a productive, pleasant work environment.

We recognize the impact that a project can have on your operations, and each phase is carefully controlled and coordinated using our own in-house team every step of the way. From scheduling, design and delivery to the quality workmanship of our industry certified and factory authorized installers and personal customer service representatives, you work only with Magee people and your dedicated project manager.

1. Meet and Greet

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Our first step is to meet with the customer. Talk about how they work and what their needs are. Ask questions to better understand what the customer needs and wants are. They do not always know what they want. It is our job to help guide them in the right direction. Show them different types of furniture that would work for them and help them narrow down what style is the best fit for their company's image. 

2. Measure Your Space

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This is the next step in our process. We travel to your facility and measure the space including doors, windows, heat, light switches, bump outs, outlets and data jack locations. 

3. Design and Planning Time

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Our next step is to come back to the office to design the space in Autocad with all of the measurements that we took. We create floorplan(s) with the furniture you need that will fit into your space. 

4. Let's Meet

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Our next step is to meet with you to see what your impression is of the design(s) we created. We want to make sure the designs of your new office space fit your needs. Changes can be made to this design to meet the customer's expectations. With final approval we will create a 3D model and show you a real life picture of the furniture we used in the design and talk about color options and lead times. 

5. Interior Finishes

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Our next step is to help you with all interior finishes. If it is a new space or a space you are renovating. We can help with interior finishes & colors in addition to the furniture selection. That way the office space will highlight the furnishings we install for you. It is easier to select all of the furniture at the same time, that way you are creating a complete interior design for the space. 

What's Next? Scheduling & Installation

  1. Meet customers delivery timeline
  2. Our in-house factory trained installers install your office
  3. Punch lists & walkthroughs at the end of the install
  4. Any factory warranties handled in-house by Magee


Sourcing your furniture from us enables you to take advantage of a huge range of complimentary layout and design services that will enable your business to gain a competitive edge. There is no better time to start optimizing your workplace for success. Best of all, its' at no cost to you. If you prefer to contact us directly for more information, please call us at (802) 728-5521 or contact us here.