What To Do If You Feel Overwhelmed at Work

February 9, 2018

Are you feeling overwhelmed at work? You’re not alone. According to The American Institute of Stress, 40 percent of employees report that their job is…

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Best Love Songs

February 13, 2018

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so there’s no better time to listen to some love songs. Writing a good love song is no easy task, but hundreds of artists…

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Are You Getting Storage Full Notifications?

February 2, 2018

You just took a great photo and it wouldn’t save to your phone because your storage is full. Sound familiar? If so, here’s what you can do.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Aren’t Chocolate or Flowers

February 8, 2018

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Are you stuck on gift ideas for your significant other? While chocolate and flowers are usually the most…

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Best Songs to Play While Working

January 11, 2018

Sometimes, all you want to do at work is listen to some music you love. When it comes to listening at work, it’s important to consider who you work for…

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Keep Yourself Safe from Identity Theft

January 23, 2018

$16 billion was stolen from over 15 million U.S. citizens last year, according to research from the Insurance Information Institute. Identity theft…

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5 Office Supplies You Should Have

January 18, 2018

Think about the office supplies you use every day. You might do a good job of ordering sticky notes, staples, and pens, but what are some other office…

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Easy Jewelry Crafts You Can Create

February 6, 2018

There are many types of jewelry you can make on your own. Here are a few ideas that are easy to make and can save you money.

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Did Somebody Say Chowder?

January 9, 2018

For soup lovers, a tasty chowder can be enjoyed as a hearty lunch, or a starter at dinnertime. Below, we feature a few recipes for traditional clam…

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Start the New Year on the Right Track

January 2, 2018

The New Year is here. In regards to technology, there are a number of tasks you should complete to make sure that you’re organized. These are just a few…

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What to Gift for Engagement Parties

January 30, 2018

One of your friends or family members just got engaged. It’s an exciting time for all, and you’re excited to attend their wedding. With engagement…

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How to Start an Office Yoga Club

January 19, 2018

Yoga can provide many benefits to our bodies. Approximately 9.5 percent of U.S. adults have tried yoga before, according to the National Center for…

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How AI is Changing Meetings

January 16, 2018

As technology advances, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a key factor in the business world. Many companies have created AI assistants that can…

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4 Ways to Better Yourself Financially This Year

January 4, 2018

Now that the holidays are over, you’re probably thinking about how you can reduce your debt and pay off any outstanding bills you might have. According…

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Preparing for Maternity & Paternity Leave

February 15, 2018

Preparing for a baby is a lot of work. You need to take time off from work so you can be ready. For mothers, this is a maternity leave, and for fathers…

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The Benefits of Coloring for Adults

January 25, 2018

Adult coloring books are some of the best-selling items on the market right now. Adults like to color because it’s an activity that provides a wide…

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Ways to Save for an Unforgettable Summer Vacation

March 28, 2017

Dreams of summer vacation. Nightmares of paying for it. If you haven’t already chosen your destination, there’s still time to plan and save up for your next trip.

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Giving the Best Gifts for Weddings

March 30, 2017

So wedding season is about to begin and you need gift ideas. Wedding gifts can depend on your relationship to the couple or the location of the wedding.

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No Assigned Seats at Work

March 24, 2017

Your office layout affects workplace productivity, efficiency, and collaboration. Depending on employees and their workflow, you may want to ask the question: to have assigned seats or not.

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Save Time in the Morning Before Work

March 16, 2017

If you find yourself always scrambling to get ready for work, all it takes are a few preparations the night before to make a smoother morning routine.

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Be More Productive with Gmail

March 14, 2017

Even if you’ve been using Gmail for a while, you may not know all the extensions and features to make e-mailing quicker and more organized.

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What Your Favorite Instrument Says About Your Work

March 7, 2017

You may know about the benefits of music and playing an instrument. But whether you learned to tickle the ivories or pluck the strings, there are some office personality traits associated with your instrument of choice.

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Why Does a Clean Desk Lead to Better Productivity?

March 2, 2017

A neat desk could lead to five extra minutes of daily productivity. Although there might be more important things to do, organizing your workspace could actually help you get more done.

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Downtown Revitalizations: Long Beach, CA

February 21, 2017

Long Beach is home to great beaches, shops, and restaurants. Here is how downtown Long Beach was reinvented, along with some recommended areas to visit.

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Benefits of Playing an Instrument

February 16, 2017

Ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar, piano, or drums? How about the oboe or clarinet? No matter what you’re interested in learning…

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Unique Thai Recipes

March 9, 2017

Tired of making the same things every night for dinner? Be adventurous and take yourself on a culinary journey to Thailand, using ingredients from your local supermarket.

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Preventative Care for Spring Allergies

March 21, 2017

As the days are getting longer, you probably want to spend more time outside. But not if you have seasonal allergies. Make the season more enjoyable by minimizing the sting of spring allergies.

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6 Tools, Apps & Extensions for Better Time Management

February 23, 2017

How productive are you overall? If you find that you have poor time management, there is hope for you. According to research by Simply Productive…

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What You Can Make to Improve Reading

February 24, 2017

Whether you’re an adult or a child, there are various crafts you can make to improve reading. Whether it’s practicing pronunciation…

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How Running Can Clear Your Mind

February 28, 2017

There are good mental incentives for runners and joggers. While you may feel some physical pain after a strenuous workout, there are multiple benefits…

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