Boost Creativity in the Office with Coloring Books

Adult coloring books have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and for good reason. Coloring books have been found to potentially reduce stress, spark creativity, and improve focus. If your organization is looking for a new way to get employees to think outside the box, this may be the solution for you. Simply place an assortment of coloring books and colored pencils, pens, or markers in the breakroom for employees to use.

Spark Creativity

When you’re coloring, you have to decide which shades to use and where, shifting the human brain activity from the left to the right, in turn sparking creativity. By inspiring creativity through coloring books in the workplace, employees can learn to utilize their right brain creativity to come up with solutions to problems using an approach or perspective they hadn’t previously considered.

Relieve Stress & Improve Focus

Coloring books often require you to color in the lines. While a simple concept, this can help you fully immerse yourself in that task. As a result, you can clear your mind for a few minutes and forget about any worries you may have. This can help employees return to their work with a renewed sense of productivity, positivity, and determination.

There is a therapeutic calming effect that happens when coloring in a set of lines that can help the brain relax and create a state of mindfulness. This can be particularly helpful for employees who are struggling to start a task and a short coloring break can potentially be what they need to improve their focus and get started.

Learn More About Your Employees

Effective management in the workplace oftentimes has to do with getting to know your employees and their unique traits. Consider hosting a group coloring session in the breakroom where employees can also color and catch up on their projects, assignments, and lives. This will give management the chance to learn more about each employee. Are some coloring in the lines while others are creating their own borders? Who is playing it safe and who is bold and fearless in their creative choices? Knowing this information may prove to be useful the next time you’re deciding which employee is right for a more creative project.

Consider adopting adult coloring books as part of your organization’s office culture.

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