Boost Sales & Extend Your Reach on Instagram

Thanks to its position as a visual-based social media site, Instagram is a popular marketing tool for business owners looking to promote their products online. There are lots of companies fighting over advertising space on the site, so making your page stand out can be tricky. By making a few adjustments to your Instagram marketing strategy, you can attract new customers and stand out amongst competitors. Read this guide and learn how you can improve the visibility of your business on Instagram.

Find the Best Time to Upload

To make sure your posts reach as many of your followers as possible, you need to publish your Instagram posts at just the right time. By posting content when most of your audience is online, your posts will get a lot more engagement right off the bat. If you already have an Instagram Business Profile, you can use Instagram Insights to see when people are viewing your content.

By using this feature you can see the days that people are viewing your posts, and at what time of day they are doing so. The afternoon is typically seen as the best time, but that can be different for certain companies, because of your audience’s time zones.

Curate User Content

A smart way to get more unique visitors to your Instagram page is to curate content from your current followers. People are more trusting of the opinions of other customers, so sharing this content on your own page can improve your brand’s credibility.

Contact your users to see if they would be interested in having their content presented on your page. Doing this will build strong relationships with your current fan base, which is something Instagram’s algorithm will pick up. When ranking content to show on official feeds, algorithms tend to highlight pages with more of these connections.

Curating user content not only gets you more content to share, it also increases your visibility.

Utilize Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are among the most promoted features on the platform. Inspired by Snapchat, this feature allows you to create a sequence of photos and videos that will remain on your profile for 24 hours. Instagram Stories will appear right at the top of a user’s feed, so while they aren’t permanent, they can easily grab the users’ attention.

Therefore, incorporating Instagram Stories into your marketing strategy can help attract new users and engage your existing followers. Take some photos of products you want to focus on, and put them together in a slideshow that all of your followers can see and share. You can even edit the photos with filters to make them more professional.

Make sure you implement relevant hashtags into your Stories to help them reach a wider audience.

Live Stream

Another way you can extend your business’ reach is to take advantage of Instagram’s live streaming functionality. When you go live, your profile will appear in the Instagram Stories feed at the top of the page. The icon will also be marked with a “LIVE” sign, which will catch the interest of users that are just logging in.

If you have an announcement that you want to share with your followers, you should go live to announce it. This creates a direct connection between you and your audience that improves content engagement considerably. By doing this, you can keep your current audience interested in your content, while also making your profile attractive to new users.

Embed on Your Official Site

One last thing you can do to extend your reach on Instagram is to embed your feed onto your official website. Depending on the selling platform you are using, you may be able to embed social media feeds directly into your homepage.

Then, when people visit your website, they will be prompted to  check out your Instagram page as well. If they like your content, they might follow your page for updates on sales and new products.


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