Building Attention-Getting Social Media Contests

One of the best ways to drum up attention for your social media channels is setting up a contest or giveaway. People love the chance to get free stuff, so running a contest can help you attract the attention of a lot of different people. The trick, however, is to make your contest fun, interesting, and relevant to your business. If you want to run your own social media contest, here are ideas to consider.

Pick the Right Prize

People join contests because they are personally interested in the rewards that are being given away.. This means you need to dedicate a fair amount of time selecting an effective prize that will draw a large crowd. Digital prizes can be nice, but what really draws in people are physical, exclusive items that can’t be obtained anywhere else.

If you run an online store, try offering a specially designed version of a popular product that regular customers won’t be able to buy. The better the prize, the more people you can interest.

When selecting your prize, you should also consider the kinds of people you want to attract. For example, if you want to bring in more people to buy clothes, let your prize be something from your clothing catalog. Doing this helps bring in people that actually want to work with your business, and not just those who are looking for freebies.

Get Creative with Graphic Design

Besides having a good prize, the key to creating an attractive giveaway is good graphic design for posts, landing pages, and anything else you use for promotion. Social media is all about visuals, and people probably won’t care about your contest if the aesthetics used to promote it are drab. Get creative with your designers, and come up with eye-catching visuals that will make people want to enter your contest.

Design your posts with striking colors so they catch the interest of people as they scroll through their newsfeed. Try incorporating a theme with your contest posts to make them more fun to read. For example, if your contest is summer-themed, incorporate summer themed visuals, like beaches, umbrellas, and the ocean.

Make sure these designs are mobile-friendly so people can check out your contest while browsing on their phones.

Allow for Multiple Entries

There are lots of people who don’t like entering contests because they feel they have little to no chance of actually winning. You just put in your one entry, and hope that you get picked out of the hundreds of other people competing. An easy way to make your giveaway more attractive is by allowing people to put in multiple entries.

You can easily do this by working with Rafflecopter. This tool allows people to gain additional contest entries for watching videos and viewing your other social media channels. Once the contest has been built, you can set a widget on your site so people visiting your site can learn how to enter.

By allowing for multiple entries, contestants stay engaged, because they will keep coming back to get more entries so they can increase their chances to win. Not to mention, it also gives you the chance to promote your other social media profiles.

Reward People for Sharing

Contests and giveaways won’t be successful if only a handful of people sign up for them. Remember, social media content is designed to be shared with thousands of other people. Therefore, you should add some extra incentives so entrants are more inclined to share your contest with other users.

Are you planning to let people put in multiple entries for your contest? Then make sure they can send in more entries by sharing the contest post. People want a better chance to win your contest, so they will be inclined to share the corresponding post. This is a simple, yet effective way to spread the word about your contest, while also keeping entrants engaged.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Once your contest is underway, it’s your job to consistently promote it throughout its duration so you can entice as many people as possible to join in. Not as many people will join your contest if they don’t know it’s running.

Due to the nature of content moving quickly on social media, don’t be afraid to post about your contest every few days. People go on social media at different times, and may miss some of your initial posts.

If you’re giving away an exclusive item as a prize, don’t be afraid to mention this fact, since it makes people think they might miss out on something special if they don’t enter. Try working with some of your partners and see if they can help spread the word to people outside of your current customer base.


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