What to Buy for Your Musician Friend

The talent of a musician should never be undervalued, since writing music and playing instruments requires a lot of time and practice. Finding a good gift for a musician can be tricky, since there are only so many times you can buy new instruments. If you’re stumped on what to get, we’ve collected a few gift recommendations that will please anyone who is passionate about music.

Concert Tickets

Musicians don’t just enjoying playing music, they also enjoy listening to music from other performers. Therefore, it might be a fun idea to pick up some concert tickets for your friend. Ask your friends about their favorite bands, and see if any of them are performing near you soon. If so, pick up some tickets for the show so you can give them as a gift for a special occasion.

If you plan to get tickets, it would be a good idea to discuss the plan with your friend ahead of time so everyone attending can properly adjust their schedules in order to go to the concert.

New Headphones

After songs are recorded, many musicians need to properly mix them on computers. These musicians have to listen to their tracks with a pair of headphones to pay attention to small errors that need to be fixed. As a result, a new set of headphones can make a great gift if you know a friend who is in need of new ones.

The best studio headphones you can buy are ones that offer plenty of sound isolation. Musicians need headphones that play music clearly so they can properly listen to the mix, without the sound blaring into the singer’s microphone. A good pair of headphones can make a recording session go much smoother.

Besides using them for work, musicians can also use the headphones to listen to their favorite songs when they have down time.

Wall Clocks for Musicians

Designers come up with a lot of unique ideas for wall clocks, and there are plenty that are perfect for musicians and music fans alike. Even if your friend doesn’t need a wall clock, it can still make a nice decoration. Here are a few designs to look out for.

Some wall clocks are outfitted to look like classic vinyl records and one of these can make an excellent centerpiece in your friend’s music room. Another fun design for musicians is one that replaces the numbers with musical notes. Other clocks are adorned with musical instruments, so keep an eye out for clocks like these to give to your friend!

Sheet Music

Can your friend read sheet music? Do some research online, and try to find some sheet music for songs that they’ve never played before. Musicians are always trying to improve their skills, so your friend might be interested in performing a song that has been overlooked in the past.

As an alternative, you can also find some sheet music for a song your friend really likes so you can frame it as a gift. Having the sheet music for it framed on the wall can make for a nice display. Ask your friend about their favorite songs, and see if you can find sheet music for it, along with a frame to fit it in.


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