Celebrate Bosses Day

Boss’s Day has become a commonly celebrated holiday in the U.S. occurring on the 16th of October each year. This day is dedicated to celebrating the bond between employers and their employees, showing gratitude to the leaders in the organization, and appreciation for their commitment and support in employee growth. Wondering how you can show your boss you value them? Here are some ways to show gratitude to the leaders in your organization.

Bake a Cake

It may be simple, but it sure is sweet! Nothing can top giving a gift from the heart like a delicious homemade cake. Whether you bake it over the weekend solo or partner up with a few of your colleagues and hold a cake baking party, your boss will appreciate the time and effort it took to make. Just be sure to ask about any dietary restrictions or allergies, so they can safely enjoy the sweet treat!

Create a Team Card

While your boss likely hears the occasional thank you from their employees, it’s always special to receive a card with personalized messages on it from everyone in the organization. If your business mainly works from the office, a handwritten card can hold the most value. For those in hybrid or remote working environments, digital cards can still feel just as special, just add fun pops of color and images to the document, so it appears more festive and exciting than a typical Word document.

Create a Thank You Video

If you want to go a step beyond a team card, a “thank you” video is sure to do the trick! Great for those working remotely or from the office, a thank you video can be a compilation of 30-second clips from each employee, sharing a funny and memorable moment with their boss or a moment where they were grateful for their guidance and support. While this may require a bit more effort than a card, it can be a fun way to work alongside your peers to create something special for the leaders who help make your organization great.

Celebrate the leaders in your organization with these tips.

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