Celebrating Birthdays in the Office

Everyone loves celebrating birthdays, and there’s no better way to show your appreciation for a coworker than throwing a celebration in the office when that person’s birthday arrives. Besides just being a nice thing to do, celebrating office birthdays is an excellent way to build comradery among staff members. Plus, it’s a chance for everyone in the office to get something sweet to eat!

Checkout this guide to prepare for your coworker’s birthdays.

Setup a Birthday Calendar

You can’t prepare for someone’s birthday if you don’t know when it is. An easy solution for this is to have someone set up a calendar that shows the birthday of every person in the office. That way, you have an easy reference to use, and it will be a lot easier to remember every birthday.

An easy way to do this is to have someone go around the office and ask each employee for their birthdate. If someone isn’t in the office that day, you can wait until the worker comes back, or you can just send an email. To make it easier for everyone to remember, consider setting up a wall calendar in the breakroom, and have all the workers write their names on their birthdates.

Getting Food for Everyone

If you want to have a good office party you need to have enough food for everyone in attendance. Pizza and sub sandwiches are great options, since you can get a lot of servings at relatively low prices. Be sure to ask workers what their favorite treats are, whether that be cake, donuts, or ice cream, so everyone can enjoy a nice snack.

Before you make any final decisions on food, be sure to determine if anyone has any allergies. That way, you know to bring in some extra special treats so those workers don’t feel left out of the fun.

Consider Monthly Celebrations for Bigger Teams

It can be a challenge to celebrate every individual birthday when you have a large staff in your office. Some offices have hundreds of employees, and when there are that many people it isn’t practical to celebrate each birthday on its own. An easy way to get around this problem is to have a monthly celebration for all birthdays that month.

Select a day for each month, and get some cake to celebrate all the birthdays for that particular month. This can make things much more efficient, since you don’t have to plan a lot of smaller birthdays throughout the year.

Go Out for Drinks

Do you know of any local bars that workers from your office enjoy going to? If this is the case, consider celebrating there so everyone can enjoy time away from the office. This is ideal if you work in an office that has a more casual atmosphere.

Someone can reserve a table ahead of time to make sure you can avoid the 5’oclock rush. That way, you can have some drinks, grab a few snacks, and socialize with everyone in the office without having to stress about rushing out after you break from work.


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