Clever Ideas for Back-to-School Photos

It seems like yesterday that summer just began, but the start of a new school year is just around the corner. A back-to-school photo can create great memories. Here are a few ways you can get creative with your child’s back-to-school photos.

Meet the Teacher

Do you remember every teacher you had in school? If you take your child to school on the first day, consider seeing if his or her teacher is available for a quick photo.

Grade-Relevant Material

Consider including a multiplication or division symbol in your photos or frame if your child will be learning new math skills, or if you know that they will read a specific math book. This works for other topics too and will provide a memory of what they learned for future years.

Gather with Friends at the Bus Stop

Sometimes, the best memories from school are the friends made. Check with the other parents and see if they would be ok having a group bus stop photo taken. It will be fun to compare throughout the years if your child is young!

Incorporate Last Year’s Photo

It can be fun to incorporate last year’s photo and let your child see how much he or she has grown in the last year.

Let Personality Shine Through

If your child tends to be goofy, let that show in the photo. If your child has a favorite subject, determine how to include a prop relevant to that subject in the photo.

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Clever Ideas for Back-to-School Photos 1

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