How Companies Make the Office Feel More Like Home

Office workers spend most of the week at work, and if they have to work in a dull environment, it can be hard to find proper motivation. Many workers would rather be home, and companies have realized that they can raise productivity by making the office feel more like home. Workers usually feel more comfortable being at work when their work environment reminds them of home, and this can lead to better productivity. Take some time to see what can be done to make the office feel more like home.

Opting for Less Formal Furniture

An uninteresting selection of furniture can be a major factor in a worker’s lack of motivation at the office. Instead of opting for furniture you expect to see in an office environment, some companies design offices with furniture you would expect to see in the average household. With this familiar furniture, workers will feel like they never left home, and they will be more comfortable in the office.

One possible option involves putting a traditional sofa and a nice coffee table in the office breakroom. Other people use standard lamps to create an informal lighting setup at their work desks. You’d be surprised how effective it can be to make a regular office look more like a traditional home.

Personal Decorations

A common way office workers make their workplaces feel like home is by bringing in their own personal decorations. Many company leaders allow employees to decorate their desks to reflect their interests. Some of the things office workers bring in include personal photographs, office supplies with fun designs, or merchandise from films they enjoy.

These items can make the office feel like an extension of home, and this can go a long way towards improving productivity in the workplace.

Incorporate Nature

Lots of people take care of their own gardens at home, so an easy way to make the office feel like home is to bring in more plants. Interior plants, such as the peace lily, the English ivy, and the dracaena, can add some visual variety to the workplace and make it feel more welcoming.

In addition, plants help to clean the air around you, which helps to reduce stress for employees. In the end, they can spruce up the office and improve the health of workers.

More than Just an Office

Can the office be more than just a place for working? It can be somewhat of an investment, but some companies design their offices to include other types of rooms for employees to utilize.

For example, a few modern offices have dedicated gym areas, and others have kitchens instead of traditional breakrooms. There are even some offices with open bar areas that workers can use to share ideas and plans. All of these rooms give employees more of a feeling that they are working from home instead of in a formal office.

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