Control Your Printers & Copiers To Better Control Your Costs


Control Your Printers & Copiers To Better Control Your Costs 1

Yes, it’s the Digital Age, but many business processes rely on printers and other multi-function devices. That’s why so many organizations still operate large fleets of networked devices—printers and MFPs that are often distributed across locations and managed by multiple teams or business units. But with a small or large business, it can be challenging to understand and fine-tune usage, performance and costs.

Our Remote Monitoring & Managed Print Services for Enterprise can help you take control of your fleet of output devices.

First, we help identify and assess every device on your network. We provide clear recommendations for fine-tuning the size and composition of your fleet. We highlight best practices for effective print governance. And then we take responsibility for device management and maintenance.

Using enterprise management and remote monitoring tools, we keep a watchful eye on your networked devices 24/7/365. So we know when something goes wrong with a device—often before your workers even notice a problem.


Proven Reliability and Productivity

Control Your Printers & Copiers To Better Control Your Costs 2Savin office printers and copiers are more productive than others in the same product class. This means our machines get more jobs done, and done faster. Independent industry analysts show that Ricoh-Savin products to be more reliable over the long haul. This means there are fewer business interruptions, and less revenue lost due to equipment downtime.





Control Your Printers & Copiers To Better Control Your Costs 3Savin Advantages

  • Savin machines can handle a variety of paperweights and stocks.
  • Envelopes can be done through drawers on a number of MFP machines which reduce time.
  • Auto job promotion with MFP machines can automatically move jobs that have printing issues to allow others to pass through and print.
  • Print more accurately with Adobe Postscript, which means faster, more accurate rendering of PDF’s, fonts, and forms as well as color.
  • Universal drivers eliminate the need to load multiple drivers for users workstations. This saves time with your IT department.


Workplace Productivity

In this new world of work, you have to manage increasing numbers of mobile and remote workers, and provide space for onsite collaboration. Make your work count, refine your workflows with the right copiers and printers so you can get more done for less.

Our solutions can help you with Document Workflow, Workplace Productivity, Process Automation, Cloud and Mobility, Information Technology & Security