Crafting a Memory Box

A memory box is a great way to store memories and keepsakes from your past. But what exactly goes in one? We’ve come up with a list of what to do and not to do when creating your own.


To begin, a memory box should have a theme. Three possible theme ideas are:

  1. Dedicated to a person’s legacy
  2. To remember a special event
  3. To celebrate a friendship


No matter the theme, it’s important to remember to be selective when being the curator of your content. A helpful way to classify what to put in it is to make a box for each phase of that person’s life.


Baby Memory Box:

  • First tooth that’s fallen out
  • A lock of hair from their first haircut
  • Their ultrasound photo
  • First family photo
  • The outfit they wore home from the hospital
  • Newspaper from the day they were born
  • Coins minted the year they were born


Kids Memory Box:

  • Favorite blanket or teddy bear
  • Meaningful items (like special toys, their first soccer ball, ballet slippers, etc.)
  • Awards, Trophies, Certificates
  • School file with memories of each academic year
  • Home videos of holidays, birthday parties, etc
  • Photobook


Adult Memory Box:

  • Ticket stubs from events
  • Notes from friends and colleagues
  • Diaries/Journals
  • Greeting cards from loved ones
  • Photos of things you want to remember but can’t keep (houses, pets)
  • Photos of specific events/people (weddings, holidays, parties, friends, family)
  • DVD’s of major events/people


Keep in mind, you can also create a box for special holidays, vacations and important events in your life.


Now that you know what to put in your memory box, here is a list of what you should leave out:


  1. Anything that will deteriorate over time or in the storage space you’ve given your memory box.
  2. Items that are not associated with a particular memory or moment.
  3. Anything that you have more than one of. Keep the most precious item.
  4. Anything that triggers bad memories. Now, bad and sad are different in this case. When debating between the two, consider how you felt when the actual memory was created. If you’re sad now but were happy then, keep it. If you have always had a resentment to the memory, it doesn’t belong in the box.


The best part of a memory box is that when properly created it will never fail to bring you back to the moments where such special memories took place. Create yours today and enjoy its nostalgic benefits for a lifetime.


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