Creative Employee Wellness Ideas

Many companies are starting to prioritize employee wellness programs, and while you may have heard of some of the more traditional concepts, such as a running group, there are plenty of outside-the-box, creative ideas that could be a big hit with employees as well.

Bring in an Expert

A great way to bring employees together and learn more about wellness is to hire a chef to teach everyone how to cook a healthy meal. This can be done in-person in your office breakroom, or virtually with each employee cooking in their own space. Not only will employees bond with one another and share a delicious meal, but they’ll be gaining valuable insight into how they can recreate it themselves and prioritize healthy eating.

Afterwards, encourage each employee to share their own favorite healthy recipe and compile them to create a healthy office cookbook that each person can reference when searching for inspiration for their next dish.

Workplace Wellness Newsletter

A great way to remind employees to focus on their wellness is to distribute a monthly newsletter that includes new health and wellness ideas for the workplace. Set up google alerts for keywords such as fitness, nutrition, and workplace wellness to receive the latest information and the most up to date trends. This will allow employees to learn about a wide variety of ideas they may not have considered before.

Take it a step further by encouraging employees to share pictures or descriptions of which wellness ideas work best for them as a way to motivate others and create an office culture that prioritizes the well-being of each employee.


It’s no secret that employees feel stress in the workplace from time to time, particularly when they have a big project with a tight deadline. Consider surprising employees by bringing in an office massage therapist to give them each a 5-10 minute massage during the day. Not only will this help them relax and de-stress but they’ll go back to their work feeling re-energized, focused, and ready to work hard.

For those who don’t enjoy massages, an alternative option is to bring in a mindfulness coach to help employees meditate and re-center themselves throughout the day. This in turn will help them relax, boost their productivity, and leave them feeling ready to tackle their workload.

Try these creative workplace wellness ideas today!

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