Ditching Digital Clutter

Work documents have a way of introducing a new kind of clutter into your life: digital clutter. It can be hard to manage all of your notes, documents, PDFs, and more, while they all reside on your desktop. That’s why we created a list of how to ditch the digital clutter and keep your tech life organized and worry-free.

Create an Official Document Management System

The key to keeping your documents clutter-free is to classify them by upcoming projects, current projects, and old projects. Any of the documents you no longer need should be placed in a specific folder and uploaded on to a hard drive for safekeeping.

Current projects should be the most accessible since those are the materials you will be working with daily. Those should be organized in a specific folder with subfolders for each project and task.

Upcoming project documents should all be stored in the same place, with subfolders specific for each task. By keeping it all in the same place you can plan ahead and start preparing for what’s coming next.

Establish a Security Plan

Keeping your documents and data safe from hackers and digital viruses is integral to company safety and confidentiality. Have a professional do a formal risk assessment and create security controls for how each document will be created, shared, stored, and disposed of, based on the results. This will allow you to safely keep your documents organized digitally.

Train Users

Now that you have a plan in place, it’s important to train others on the protocol. By ensuring that every member of the company is following the specific guidelines set in place, digital clutter will cease to exist and cybersecurity will remain intact.

Enjoy your clutter-free digital workspace.

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