Farewell Gifts for Friends Who Are Moving

You’ve just gotten the news that someone close to you is moving away. There’s a lot on your friend’s mind right now as they get ready for the big move. Show your appreciation with the following gift ideas.

Scrapbook of Memories With You & Your Friend

If you’ve known your friend for quite some time, document the memories you’ve made together into a scrapbook. Design it in chronological order. This is an easy thing to pack and will remind him or her of the great times you’ve had together.

Home Décor Gift Cards

Give them a gift card to their favorite home décor store. Once you find out where they are moving to, see if they have a location near their new residence. Many people buy new furniture and décor when they move, so this is a great way for your friend to cut down on this expense.

A Taste of Home

There are typically several favorite places that people think of when they’re away from home. Consider creating a “care package” including items unique to your town including popular snacks, drinkware or a magnet.

A Sketchbook

If your friend loves to draw, consider giving them a sketchbook along with pencils or pens that match their type of sketching or drawing. This is an easy thing for your friend to carry when they move.

Something Related to Their New Location

If you’ve got a friend moving to Florida, consider a new pair of sunglasses since it’s considered the “Sunshine State.” Have a friend moving to Canada? Consider a warm pair of gloves. You can also give them an eGift Certificate to a local attraction in their new city or state.

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