Fight Back Against Creative Blocks

For artists, writers, and other types of creators, there’s nothing more annoying than dealing with a creative block. For one reason or another, there are times when an artist’s creative flow just halts, and the inspiration for new ideas dries up completely. Sometimes these blocks can last a few days, and sometimes they can last for weeks.

Creative blocks are especially damaging to professional artists, since they need their creative abilities to pay the bills. Try these different tips if a mental block is keeping you from your work.

Change Your Perspective

Perhaps one of the reasons you’re at a creative standstill is because you feel restricted by your work environment. It can be hard to keep coming up with cool new ideas when you work in the same environment every day.

One way to combat this is to leave your office and work in a different environment. Paint things while sitting at the park, or try writing some stories at the beach. For the artists out there, carry a sketchbook with you during a walk so you can doodle anything that catches your interest.

You could also try doing your work in a different style. If you primarily write on a computer, try doing some writing with a pencil and paper to mix things up. By forcing yourself to adapt, you will have a better chance of breaking through your creative block.

Try Some Creative Warm Ups

Another way you can get back on your feet is to start small with some simple creations before you go big. You won’t be doing yourself any favors if you start on a big project and lose motivation at the midway point. By starting small, you’ll have an easier time fishing your work.

You should challenge yourself with some warm up projects almost every day so you can flex your creative muscles. If you are a writer, try writing a short story once every couple of days. For the artists out there, challenge yourself to draw as many simple pictures as you can in a short amount of time.

Take the ideas that pop in your head at any given moment and try to bring them to life in your preferred medium. By keeping at this, you should start feeling more comfortable with your output again.

Do Some Reading

Books can be a great source of inspiration. Whether you want to read a new age novel or a timeless classic, the stories contained in books can offer plenty of fresh ideas. If you’re a painter, the places you read about may inspire you to paint a colorful landscape. Writers can benefit too, since reading other people’s books can give you an idea of what other people look for in the medium of storytelling.

The best thing you can do in a situation like this is to read a book that you would never read under normal circumstances. Not really interested in reading horror novels? Try cracking open a story from Stephen King to get a fresh perspective in storytelling.

Take a Class

Perhaps the key to breaking your creative block is to get a fresh perspective from another professional in your field. Check your local area to see if there are any public classes being offered in the medium you focus on. Take a writing class or work with a painting teacher, just do whatever catches your interest.

It might even be beneficial to take a class in an area of art you’ve never tried before. If you primarily write, take a drawing class to get a new look at the world of art. Not only will this help you pick up some new skills, you just might find some new ideas that will break you out of your rut.


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