Gifts for New Pet Owners

Everyone loves animals, and it’s always exciting to add a pet to your family. While pets are lots of fun, they are also a lot of work, as they require a lot of love and care. If you know someone who is getting a pet, why not get some gifts as a surprise? Whether you want to get something fun or something that can help your friend, these are all great gifts for new pet owners.


If there is one thing that people love to buy for pets, it’s toys. Pets love to play with toys, and people love to watch pets play with them. There are plenty of toys for the different types of pets people can own, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

Plush toys are great, especially for young dogs, since they keep them from chewing on everything in the house. Pet tunnels are also great to buy, since young pets can run through them and burn off some excess energy. Find out what kind of pet your friend is getting, and work from there.

Cages & Beds

Animals, especially young ones, shouldn’t be left to their own accord during the night. Help the new pet owner by shopping for a new crate that the pet can sleep in during the night. Some cages and crates are ideal for certain types of animals, such as birds and dogs, so be aware of this as you shop.

In regards to dogs and cats, you can also buy beds for them to sleep in. Be sure to ask what breed the pet is going to be, because some breeds grow very quickly, and may outgrow the bed in a short amount of time if it’s too small.

Pet-Themed Apparel

When people get their own pets, they usually like to show off to friends and family they are now pet owners. You can play into this by shopping for clothes that new pet owners will appreciate having. For example, you can find plenty of shirts for dog lovers, so consider picking one up if your friend is getting a dog.

There are also plenty of shirts that poke fun at the lives of pet owners, and how some people love their pets more than their friends or coworkers. Shop for one of those if you want to have a bit of fun with your gift. Don’t be surprised if you see your friends wearing your gifts when they take their pets out for walks.

First Aid Kits

Young pets are full of energy, and can be difficult to control. As a result, new pets are prone to injuries and illness, which can be stressful to any new pet owner. Alleviate your friends’ worries by gifting them first aid kits they can use for their animal friends.

With a first aid kit, new pet owners can have an easy place to store any important medical supplies, including medicine, tweezers, water bottles, leashes, and more. You can even fill the kit up with supplies yourself so the person receiving the gift doesn’t have to shop for them. Taking care of pets is a lot of work, so by getting this as a gift you can take a lot of weight off the backs of new pet owners.


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