Holiday Marketing Tips

The holiday season may be around the corner, but holiday shopping is expected to start as early as this month. Are you wondering how to plan for your holiday marketing? Here are some helpful marketing tactics to consider for your holiday strategy.

Run Holiday Email Marketing Campaigns

According to research, email marketing accounts for about 24% of sales throughout the holiday season, making it a powerful player in how you can increase your sales. It’s important that your email stands out from the rest, with personalized offers that make each customer feel valued. A great way to do this is to segment your audience list, emailing each segment with content and offers that would most appeal to them. Other tactics include updating your subject lines, including the recipient’s name in the email, and offering special discounts for select items.

Create Fun, Festive Content

From blogs to social media, there are many ways that you can share fun and seasonal content throughout the holidays. It’s crucial that your content stands out from the crowd and catches the eye of consumers. Social media platforms allow organizations to create interactive content for their audiences, such as quizzes and polls that boost user engagement and brand awareness. Blogs can be a great way to address holiday pain points and discuss fun ways you can celebrate the season while simultaneously promoting your products and services.

Host a Giveaway

Make your holiday marketing exciting this year by hosting a fun giveaway! A great idea is to ask people to share your social media posts with a branded hashtag, tag one or two friends, or share their own photos with your products. Ultimately, the winner can be awarded a free product or service. Not only can this increase user engagement, but it can also drive more visibility to your page and website, boosting brand awareness and increasing the likelihood of a rise in holiday sales.

Try these marketing tips for the 2022 holiday season!

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