How To Achieve Effective Self-Motivation

Whether it’s while we work from home or in the office, some of us are struggling to stay productive. Here are three tried and tested ways to achieve effective self-motivation, wherever you are working now.

Design Goals

Many of us develop lists of chore-like responsibilities we hope to achieve throughout the day. While creating lists can be helpful, when tasks begin to feel like chores rather than goals, procrastination can set in. Instead, create a list of goals to motivate yourself. Ask yourself how each item on your list will contribute to a certain set of goals. For example, while you may not see a benefit in a particular project you need to get started on, you can shift your mindset towards how completing the project will benefit your career and impact your customers. The project itself turns from a chore into a stepping-stone towards professional success.

Find Effective Rewards

For those working from home, creating effective rewards can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be! Reward yourself at the end of each day by taking a relaxing bath or pouring yourself a glass of your favorite beverage. If you’re struggling during the day to complete a particular project, set the reward of going for a walk once you finish, or bake some yummy chocolate chip cookies afterwards to celebrate.

Stay Consistent

Many of us are guilty of procrastinating only to have a burst of motivation and complete our projects quickly before they are due. Instead, use the above skills to build a consistent program of self-motivation. Projects and looming deadlines become far less daunting when you plan ahead, and keeping up with your work on a daily basis rather than scrambling at the end to complete everything will not just be less stressful for you, but will also allow you to create more high value work.

Keep these tips in mind and achieve effective self-motivation that will sustain you long-term.

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