How to Cope with Stress at Work

The truth is, we all get stressed at work. From looming deadlines to the pressure of presentations, it can be challenging to keep your cool when you feel overwhelmed. Here are some helpful strategies for you to consider as you work to make 2023 less stressful.

Have an Outlet

At the end of a long workday, it can be helpful to have an outlet that allows you to release your frustration, express your creativity, and keep perspective. From reading and writing to meeting friends for a meal or picking up a new hobby, like photography, there are a plethora of ways to reduce stress and spend time doing something you enjoy.

Take a Break

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, try to take a few moments away from your work and spend some time by yourself. Whether you go for a walk around the block, journal in a quiet place at the office or at home, or use one of your PTO days to take a long weekend, it’s always a good idea to make time for yourself.

Prioritize Your Health

Beat workplace stress by taking care of your health. Working out on a regular basis and eating a healthy diet is all part of making your physical wellness a priority which can also positively impact your mental wellness.

Boundaries Help Productivity

It’s important to be dedicated to your work and maintain a proper work/life balance. When you set healthy boundaries, you’re less likely to get burned out and more likely to be more productive when you are focused on your job. Boundaries include: only checking work emails during business hours, keeping a consistent work schedule, and making time for your personal life. Ultimately, this should help you to reduce stress at work and at home.

Tackle workplace stress with these helpful tips!

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