Is It Better to Exercise in the Morning or Evening?

Are you an early bird or a night owl? This is a tough thing for many new and veteran exercisers to determine. Both times have pros and cons, and while a morning workout may work best for one person, an evening could work better for another. This article will look at both times for their most positive attributes, and can help you determine which time is better for you.

Morning: Better For Weight Loss

WebMD states that mornings are a better time to work out if you’re looking to lose weight. Morning exercisers had better commitment and were able to fall asleep easier than those who waited until the evening. Yoga was one of the most effective exercises when completed in the morning, leading to a five-pound weight loss for those who were looking to lose weight.

Morning: Better Sleep

Believe it or not, weight loss ties back to how much rest you get at night. Another WebMD study says that not getting enough sleep sets your brain up to make bad food choices. Your brain is less likely to crave greasy foods and overeat when you sleep between seven and nine hours.

Morning: Have More Time at the End of the Day

Early birds don’t have to worry about fitting in their workout when staying late at the office, or attending a special event in the evening. While waking up and hitting the pavement can be tough for some people, think of it as a business engagement or meeting you have to attend. After you’re done with work for the day, you can head home and unwind for the rest of the evening, instead of frantically rushing dinner and then doing your workout.

Evening: Less Warm-up Time Needed

According to Medical Daily, morning workouts tend to lead to more injuries. Evening workouts will still require warm-up exercises to get your muscles flowing, but need less as your body has already been awake for hours.  This is because your body temperature is higher in the afternoon and evening.

Evening: Bigger Strength Gains

For those looking to incorporate weight lifting into their workout routine, the evening is a better time to do so. The same Medical Daily study cites that those who worked out in the evening gained 3.5 percent more size and strength compared to 2.7 percent by those in the morning. This is also caused by something called “temporal specificity,” which relates to consistency with the time you workout. For example, those who work out during the evening consistently will see the most improvement.

Evening: Longer Workouts Can Be Completed

For strength training, the average workout can last a little longer than those just focused on cardiovascular exercises. Evening workouts allow for you to work out for as long as you need, without having to worry about showering at the gym and rushing to get to work on time. This can allow you to try new exercises any day you work out, and maybe allow you to grab a bite to eat with someone else you meet while you’re working out.

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Is It Better to Exercise in the Morning or Evening? 1

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