Lessons from the Apollo Moon Landing

Are you reaching for the stars as you try to accomplish your professional dream? If so, you can learn a lot from the Apollo Moon Landing.

Think “Inside” The Box

In 1961, American industry did not have the correct tools, equipment, technology or experience to accomplish their goal of landing a man on the moon, or even the slightest idea of what they would need to be successful. While it’s common to think “outside” the box, NASA had the problem of too many out of the box ideas and too little of an understanding as to what made up the box in the first place.

They decided to focus on what they already knew, the engineering of high-performance aircraft, and expand from there. Like coffee comes from a coffee bean, the people at NASA realized that the fundamentals of accomplishing this goal were to take the basic information they knew and apply additional learning, creativity and innovation.

Make Connections

The next step was to create connections between things that had yet to meet. The core idea of this technique is to take two things you already understand and put them together to create something that has yet to exist. Fostering a practice of imagination with the ability to visualize new connections is a key attribute to finding success.

Work Hard

Try to create goals along the way that are honest, actionable, radical and detailed. When it comes to big dreams, it’s important to focus on small steps to ensure you will ultimately reach your goal. NASA took the time to make mistakes, learn from them, and apply all of the new information to the basic understanding of what they already knew. Throughout doing so, they remained focused and positive, even in spite of serious setbacks.

The fundamental lesson that NASA learned throughout their journey towards this amazing feat was their ability to tackle such a distant dream and accomplish it through hard work, dedication, a fundamental understanding, the right tools, and most of all, faith. When chasing after your own goals, remember that if you believe in what you’re trying to achieve, are willing to put in the work, and have gathered the necessary tools, then you too can land on the moon.

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