National Time Management Month

Last month we asked you about your time management skills. The majority of you indicated that you could use some advice on the matter, which makes perfect sense! Time management, particularly during busy times at work, can be a challenge. Here are some helpful strategies to consider adding to your daily routine:

Prioritize What’s Urgent

Before you begin, create a list of the most important facets of each project you’re managing. Many will have varying priorities, so ask yourself what’s integral to the assignment and what’s just nice to have. Once you identified the critical aspects of the project, you can plan your time accordingly.

Block Out Work Time

Rather than trying to find free moments throughout the day to work on your tasks, block a chunk of time off in your calendar instead. This will help keep last-minute meetings from being scheduled so you can truly focus on your work during that time.

Keep It Organized

A key element of time management is keeping your work area organized. Have the office supplies you need neatly lined up in front of you before you dive into the task, and have any files or other important documents easily accessible so you can reference them when necessary.


Teamwork makes the dream work! Make an effort to delegate appropriate tasks to other members of your team when it makes sense, particularly when there is a rushed deadline or various high-priority tasks that need to be accomplished. In doing so, you’ll get everything done on time and will also be improving the overall collaboration of your team.

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