Personalizing Your Brand on Social Media

Two of the most important aspects of online marketing are branding and personalization. Thousands of companies are competing for a buyers’ attention, and if your content doesn’t stand out it will get lost in the ocean of other marketing content. By personalizing your content you can deliver more relevant information to your audience, while also helping your company form its own unique identity. If you need help personalizing your content, use this guide for some tips.

Gather Data & Create Buyer Personas

If you want to personalize your content, first you need to learn more about the people you are selling to. In order to do this, you need to gather data on consumers so you can build buyer personas. Buyer personas serve as representations of the ideal customers you want to market to. These are based on a person’s motivations, interests, and demographics.

If you have access to your website’s analytics, review them to see if there are any recurring patterns across your recent clients. Check product reviews, and email recent customers about how well their recent shopping experiences went.

By having buyer personas you will have a better idea of what customers want from your business, and you will have an easier time creating personalized content for them.

Build Content for Your Audience

To create personalized social media posts, you need to create content that appeals to the buyer personas you created. One way to do this is to use retargeted ads. Basically, you can display ads for particular products on social media after someone viewed them on your site. You can also use this to recommend similar products that consumers might want.

You can also use your analytics to determine what specific types of content appeal the most to your users.  If you find that users are interacting more with videos, try making more videos rather than standard posts with only copy. Users will pick up on these changes quickly, and will get more engaged with the content since it matches their personal interests.

Interact With Users

One of the best ways to personalize your brand on social media is to directly connect with your audience. By interacting with users you can learn more about their habits and interests, and you can adjust your content to appeal to them. Respond to clients using their names to make responses feel more personal.

Besides simply responding to comments, you can also interact by setting up quizzes and polls to see what shoppers are interested in. Interactions like these can show potential customers that you can be transparent with your audience. By having honest interactions with clients you can show that you run a trustworthy brand, and more people will be inclined to work with you in the future.

Show Your Personality & Values

Promoting products and services is crucial for your business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun doing it. Lots of businesses want to get straight to the point, but this can make the businesses feel a bit too similar. Try to mix things up with your social media posts, and don’t be afraid to be funny once in a while. If your readers have fun reading your content, they are more likely to remember it.

Lastly, your content should reflect your brand’s interests and values. This will help buyers form a stronger connection with your business.

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