Remote Employees Are Coming Back to the Office

Recently, you may have heard about IBM’s move to bring remote employees into their various campuses. This was a shocking announcement for many as IBM was one of the first companies to allow employees to work remotely, even installing remote terminals inside of homes as early as the 1980s. Here are some reasons why companies like IBM are pulling back on remote employee programs.

Better Communication with Coworkers

Despite the numerous tools available to connect with others around the world, some employers feel that bringing everyone together in the office is the best way to get things done. The Harvard Business Review conducted a study about remote workers and their connectivity with other employees. They found that when a remote member of a team encountered a common workplace challenge, 84 percent said the concern dragged on for a few additional days. 47 percent of those surveyed admitted to letting things drag on for more than a week. This is believed to have other consequences to productivity, costs, deadlines, and other factors.

Better Relationships with Management

31 percent of remote employees have trouble engaging with their managers, according to research from Forbes. For managers, it may be tougher to extend company culture to those who don’t physically come into the office. Some managers believe that having employees physically in the office will lead to more productive work days and better communication.

Face-to-Face Contact with Customers

According to, 40 percent of prospects converted to new customers with face-to-face meetings. This has caused decision-makers to rethink who should work on certain projects.

Flexible Arrangements Becoming More of an “As Needed” Basis

Despite companies such as IBM ending full work-from-home positions for most employees, more and more employers are letting employees work remotely when they have a doctor’s appointment or child care need.

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Remote Employees Are Coming Back to the Office 1

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