Should You Update or Replace Your Computer?

In the age of fast-moving technology, it can be challenging to decide when it’s time to update or replace your electronic devices. When considering your work computer, the need for an efficient and convenient system is parallel to none. Here are some helpful tips when it comes time to decide between an update or a replacement.

How Old Is It?

The common lifespan for work computers is about four years. However, if you use your computer a lot then that timeframe may be shortened. Likewise, if your job is constantly requiring you to have the most up to date systems, then replacing your computer will coincide directly with software advancements.

Are You Using the Newest Version of Your Web Browser?

An outdated web browser won’t just slow you down, but it will expose you to some serious risks as the security of the browser decreases. Stay ahead of it by turning on automatic updates, which will allow your computer to conveniently download the newest version when available and save you the hassle of manually updating it yourself.

How Slow Is It?

Over time every computer will slow down, but it shouldn’t run as slow as a printer without the proper printer supplies. As you consider buying a replacement computer, you can try this test to be sure you’re making the right decision. Ask a colleague with a newer computer if you can try it for a few minutes using software you’re familiar with. If you notice a significant difference when comparing the older version to the newer version, it may be time to invest in a new computer.

Set Your Software to Automatic Updates

Whether you use Windows or Mac, by setting your computer to automatically update the software, you can be sure that you’ll be receiving the best functioning quality possible for your device. Here’s how you can turn on the automatic updates depending on your software:

Windows: Click Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Select Under Windows Update > Turn Automatic Updating On

Mac: Settings > General > Software Updates > Automatic Updates

Happy Browsing!

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