Snapchat’s New Tools for eCommerce

Snapchat is quickly becoming a primary tool for eCommerce companies. Due to this success, Snapchat has been looking for ways to further develop its advertising capabilities. Late last year, the company released new tools that online sellers can use to further engage with consumers. Learn more about these new tools, and see how they can help your brand if you are already advertising on Snapchat.

How Snapchat is Used for Advertising

Before reviewing the new additions to Snapchat, let’s discuss how the platform has been used in advertising. Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms online, as millions of people have downloaded the app since its creation in 2011. Thanks to its focus on sharing photos, it’s a prime location for sellers to advertise their products.

People who sell clothing and beauty products have benefited greatly, as their visually appealing products spread quickly among users. Snapchat picked up on this, and updated the app to allow people to sell products directly from the platform. With this addition, Snapchat became a vital tool for online sellers.

Shoppable Snap Ads

Perhaps the most notable addition to Snapchat is the introduction of “Shoppable Snap Ads.” Also referred to as Collection ads, online sellers can use them to advertise several products from a single collection. Each product has its own image, and by clicking on an image users can get more information about a particular product.

These images can also take users directly to a product’s official page, where people can then purchase it directly from the seller’s website. It’s a smart way to increase engagement, and make it easier for ads to sell products.

Product Catalog Uploads

Another key feature in this update is the ability to import entire catalogs of products into Snapchat. With this functionality, it is much easier for sellers to create new Snap Ads with the Ads Manager.

Online sellers now have quick access to all of their products, allowing them to easily test how products will look in the available ad templates. It’s a simple addition that makes advertising a lot easier for those who want to create a platform on Snapchat.

Snap Pixel Targeting Enhancements

One of Snapchat’s recent additions is Snap Pixel, a tool that allows companies to see how their ads are affecting online traffic. Originally unveiled in 2017, Snap Pixel could only measure conversions during its testing phase. The tool gained a number of enhancements since then, and is now more effective for advertising purposes.

Now sellers can track specific actions made on their websites, instead of just seeing what pages customers have been on. Sellers can use this information to customize their sites to meet the needs of consumers. This keeps customers engaged and conversions high.


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