Supporting Employee Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a proper work-life balance is important when it comes to employee happiness and productivity. While employees are responsible for finding the right balance for them, there are ways employers can help them achieve a work-life balance that will leave them feeling fulfilled in their professional and personal lives. Here are some helpful workplace practices to get you started.

Offer Flexibility

Studies have shown that out of 3,500 employees, 81% value flexible working and want to be trusted to manage when, where, and how they work throughout the day. By working closely with employees to give them the tools to manage their time appropriately, you can help them feel more empowered in their work which in turn boosts employee morale and happiness.

Focus on Productivity

A great way to help employees reach a proper balance is to focus on their productivity rather than their specific hours. Some days employees may work late to complete tasks, and other days they may not need to work as hard. While work hours should be left to the discretion of the manager, focusing on employee productivity will allow employees to work harder while on the job.

Review Workloads Regularly

Make an effort to review each individual’s workload to confirm everyone has an equal amount of responsibilities and is set up for success. It’s important to discuss the workloads with each employee as well, as management may see a project as a two-hour task while the employee may actually take more or less time to complete it. A great way to ensure employees are not overworked is to remind them to speak with their managers on a regular basis and share any concerns they have. While some people may have too many tasks, others may have spare time to take on additional projects.

Consider Your Current Time-Off Policy

While each company is different, it can be helpful to offer more time off to employees if you can. If not, urge employees to take their allotted time off within the year by not allowing them to carry vacation days into the next year. This will help make sure they take time off, avoid burnout, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. When employees do take time off, encourage them to actually take time away from their workload. The purpose is to actually allow them to relax physically and recharge mentally, helping them to come back to work with more energy.

Follow these tips to help employees maintain a work-life balance that works well for them and the company.

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