Team-Building Problem-Solving Activities

Looking for some creative ways to bond with your team while simultaneously improving your problem-solving abilities? Here are a few creative ways you and your team can have some fun while building professional skills.

Classic Scavenger Hunt

Team bonding activities are important for many reasons, including the development of problem-solving skills, creativity and collaboration. One activity that is gaining popularity as a team-building activity is a scavenger hunt. This activity provides team members with an opportunity to work together towards a common goal and learn more about each other’s personalities.

To start, decide the location: is this going to be an outdoor event or something held at the office? Second, set up specific clues and hints throughout the game, keeping in mind any pre-determined theme for the event. For example, if it’s a “summer” scavenger hunt, perhaps one of the hints is a bottle of sunscreen. Finally, employees will be divided up into teams, each on a mission to find the “hidden treasure” first. Employees will document each time they find a hint by taking a photo. The team to find the “hidden treasure” and return to the starting point first wins a prize!

Tower of Pasta

For this activity, you’ll need a box of spaghetti, a bag of large marshmallows, and tape. Each player will be divided into groups, with the goal of creating the largest structure made with the materials. Not only will this allow employees to bond with coworkers they may not work with on a regular basis, but it will encourage everyone to collaborate and come up with creative solutions.

Create a Masterpiece

Everyone is divided into groups, with each group nominating a leader. The goal is to create a “masterpiece” using office supplies found in the office. From construction paper and glue to pens and stickers, players can get creative with their choices in this game. At the end of the game, the leader of each group will be in charge of presenting their team’s creation to the rest of the group. Not only can this help employees think on their feet and boost creativity, but it will also give the team leaders an opportunity to practice their leadership and presentation skills. In the end, the team with the greatest “masterpiece” will be awarded a prize.

Try these team-bonding activities today!

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