The Benefits of Working Near Your Pets

Happy Bring Your Pet To Work Day! Bring Your Pet to Work Day is a great opportunity for employees to bring their pets to work, but it’s not just about cuddling cute dogs. Bringing your pet to work can have a number of positive effects on the business and its employees. Whether you choose to celebrate just the day, or make your office a pet-friendly workspace, here are some benefits to keep in mind.

Boost Productivity

Bringing your pet to work can help boost productivity and reduce employee turnover by creating more opportunities for exercise. Pets, particularly dogs, can be a great reminder to get out of your chair and move around the office or go for a walk outside. By taking these periodic breaks throughout the day and removing yourself from your work environment for a few minutes, you’ll be able to return focused and productive.

Boost Happiness

Pets can be a great way to naturally boost employee and customer happiness in the workplace. Known for bringing the best out in people, allowing people to bring their dogs to the workplace can help to create a fun, inviting culture. Not only will this allow employees to get to know each other better, but it can also help to improve collaboration in the future.

Reduce Employee Turnover

By allowing employees to bring their pets to the office, they can be reminded that the business values them as people and cares about those they love. As a result, it’s likely that employee loyalty and retention will be boosted, which can, in turn, benefit the company and its long-term success.

While it’s important to keep allergies in mind prior to bringing pets into the workplace, it can be a fun and exciting way of boosting employee morale, productivity, and happiness!

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