The Right Way to Give Back

Did you make a resolution to give back more in 2020? If so, you’re not alone. While it’s commendable that so many people want to donate and give back to their communities, it can easily be placed on the back burner as we begin to get caught up with the hectic nature of our day-to-day lives. To fight this, you can make 2020 the year you stick to your resolution to give back-and here’s how.

Pick the Right Charities

The first step is simple: pick a charity and cause that you’re passionate about. It’s far more likely that you’ll stick to your resolution if you care deeply about the problem or cause at hand. A helpful tip can be to consider specific issues that have impacted those you know or people in your community and look for organizations dedicated to finding them the right solutions.

Be Thoughtful

Select one or two non-profit organizations you’re passionate about instead of trying to give to each one you find. The most effective solution is to give one large gift to the cause of your choice and in turn, reduce the processing cost for the organization so your money can make an impactful. Building a relationship with one particular non-profit will make you far more likely to follow up with them in the future.

Invite Friends to Join You

One of the most powerful tools to ensure you keep up with your resolution is to invite friends to join you. Getting others involved will hold you accountable and inspire you to make a difference as a team. If you want to start giving back more in your professional life, you can start donating through your office. Create a sign-up sheet in your office breakroom and encourage your peers to join you. One of the most effective ways is for you and your team to donate your time and expertise. Providing your peers with an understanding of how to reach their goals will ultimately teach them not just the most effective ways to work towards reaching their desired solution, but also enable the entire organization to run more efficiently and productively.

It’s Not About the Money

If your current budget doesn’t give you the room to make monetary donations, it can be even more helpful to donate your time. Like volunteering in your professional life, you can also do so in a solo fashion. Do you have any skills that might help a cause? Can you dedicate one Saturday a month to volunteering? Making a commitment, whether it’s by yourself or with friends, can make a major difference to organizations that could use the extra hands.

By following these tips you’ll be sure to not just keep up with your resolution, but also make a major difference along the way.

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