Tips for Hiring Employees

When hiring new employees, ask the right questions and be considerate as to whether or not they are the right fit for the company. Here are some helpful tips and example questions to ask as you interview candidates to add to your team.

Adaptivity is Key

New employees should be highly adaptive and able to learn quickly, grow, and evolve. Ask them about a time when they were required to be adaptive or flexible in a business environment. This will give you a sense of if they’re ready, comfortable, and confident enough to jump into a new role.

Are They Asking Questions?

A sign of a skilled and qualified candidate is one who enters the job interview with various questions and a reasonable knowledge of the company. Ask yourself if their questions align with company values and indicate qualified interest in the role.

Are They Team Players?

When bringing new employees on board, consider if they are comfortable working in a collaborative environment and being a team player, particularly if it will be a regular component of the job. Ask them if they’re comfortable learning and working with others, if they do well in a collaborative and creative environment, and any other questions that you think are pertinent to the position.

Can They Admit Mistakes?

Employees who can admit to their mistakes indicate that they are confident enough to take responsibility and fix any issues. Ask each candidate about a time when they made a mistake, how they fixed it, and what they learned from the experience. This will give you a sense of their character, how they work, and if they would be a good fit at the company.

Keep these questions in mind as you consider bringing on new employees.

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