Walk and Talk: Why Walking Meetings are Taking Over the Workplace

Walking meetings have become popular in many workplaces. Prescribed by Public Health England as a potential cure to chronic workplace lethargy, countless people have adopted the practice both at work and in other areas of their lives. Here’s a list of why you may want to consider implementing it in your own professional career and exactly what is necessary to make it successful.


It Boosts Creativity

In a study conducted by Stanford University, researchers tested subjects on their ability to think of uses for common place objects. The result was a 60% difference between those seated and at treadmills – with those being active discovering more possibilities than those at a desk.


It’s Good Exercise

Not only are walking meetings good for your brain – they’re also good for your health. For those glued to their desks all day long, walking meetings are a great alternative for some exercise throughout your day. Alongside promoting your cardiovascular health, you can also lower stress levels if you have meetings on foot.


Don’t Have a Set Route

In another study, subjects were asked to think of alternative uses for chopsticks while either walking the perimeter of a large outdoor space or wandering in it. The results showed that free walkers were more successful than those employing linear routes.


It’s Not A Parade

Walking is a great way to hold a meeting, but it’s important to keep the group to a minimum. David Haimes, a senior product developer at Oracle, has stated that side by side walking can break down “organizational hierarchy.” This allows both employees and employers to find an equal platform, bringing a level of comfort that promotes more open dialogue and free thinking.


If you’re looking to switch the way you approach your work, then perhaps walking meetings

are the solution for you.


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