What is a Results-Only Work Environment?

A results-only work environment (ROWE) is designed to increase productivity and eliminate constraints in a work environment. The concept measures employee performance solely on the work they produce rather than how many hours they sit at their desks. While this is not optimal for every organization, it could be right for yours. Here are some of the potential benefits that results-only work environments can offer.

Employees Complete Work in Their Own Time

While still abiding by deadlines, ROWE gives employees the opportunity to complete their work on their own time and in their environment of choice. Whether that is working at a local coffee shop, at home, in the office, or in their local public library, ROWE gives employees the freedom to choose when and how they work.

Employees Use Less Sick Days

When employees have the flexibility to work how and when they want, they’re less likely to take sick days and time off because they have the ability to work around appointments, illnesses, and other major life events. Placing this trust in each of your employees may also help their overall job satisfaction increase, as they’ll see that their superiors trust them and their work ethic.

Increase Productivity

ROWE allows employees to plan their schedules ahead of time and carve out time to work on specific tasks. In turn, they are able to focus on one specific task at a time, increasing their productivity and the overall quality of the work.

While a results-only work environment is a great option for many organizations, it may not be the right fit for those with new employees, those who need to be available throughout the day to assist customers or clients, among other limitations. Consider these benefits and if ROWE is right for your organization, today.

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