Workplace Etiquette Reminders

Whether you’ve returned full-time to the office, are hybrid working, or only go in to the office occasionally, you may need to buff up your workplace etiquette to be respectful of your coworkers. If it’s been a while since you’ve had to go and work in person, have no fear! Here are some standard etiquette practices to keep in mind.

Recognize personal space

Recognize people’s personal space when in the office. While some people may be comfortable hugging and saying hello, others may prefer to keep a distance in order to avoid germs. Ask before diving in for a handshake, and share your own preferences with others.

Dress appropriately

As always, it’s important to dress professionally when in the workplace. Your clothing should be weather appropriate, comfortable, and put together. Not sure what the dress code is? Check with HR to make sure you’re meeting the company standards. This will not only help you leave a good impression, but it can also help you to feel more motivated.

Be clean and tidy

Everyone loves a clean and neat work area. Wipe down your desk or working area after each day, throw away trash, and organize any files, folders, or papers. Not only will this help you to feel more productive, but it will also help to keep the overall space a clean, nice place to work. Also remember to do your share in the breakroom, kitchen, and other parts of the office as well.

Tech etiquette is crucial

While meetings over the phone or video conference calls are normal, be mindful of who is around as you work. If you’re in an open office layout but need to have a call, go to a private area where you won’t interrupt anyone else’s work or vice versa.

What are some basic etiquette tips you think everyone should adhere to?

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