Acts of Kindness in the Workplace

In December, we asked you to share when you last performed a random act of kindness. The majority of you said within the last week, which is excellent! That said, there is always room to add more kindness to your daily routine, particularly in the workplace. Here are some creative ideas to get you started:

A Positive Comment Goes a Long Way

Sometimes the best way to spread kindness is the most simple. Make an effort to give someone on your team or in your company positive feedback at least once a week. Whether you compliment a team member on their new haircut or praise someone for a job well done, spreading kindness is contagious and encourages others to do the same.

Surprise Another Department

Provide an element of surprise to your random act of kindness by bringing in a treat for another department in the company. Not only will this catch them off guard, but it will also show them that you and your team members value their hard work and understand how important collaboration and cohesion can be when running an efficient business.

Help a Coworker Finish a Project

While this may require some heavier lifting on your end, it will certainly not go unnoticed. By helping a colleague finish a project or completing a task they’ve been delaying, you’re letting them know that they aren’t alone and have support in the organization. Plus, they’ll be far more likely to return the favor if you ever need some assistance.

Show an Interest in Their Personal Lives

It can sometimes be easy to forget that everyone has a life outside of the workplace, particularly during busy times. Ask your coworkers about their friends and family and get to know them more personally. This shows that you care about them as a person as opposed to solely focusing on their professional contributions.

Try these tips to kick off 2023 with some more kindness!

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