Business Trip Tips

Let’s face it; business trips can sometimes be stressful. From rushing to make your flight to ensuring that you’re prepared and brought everything you need, it can be challenging to balance it all and enjoy the opportunity to go somewhere new. There are some helpful strategies you can use to reduce business trip stress, from flying with the same airline to taking advantage of delays.

Try to Use the Same Airline

It can be helpful to fly with the same airline whenever possible since you’ll usually be departing and arriving at the same terminal. As a result, navigating the airport can become a lot easier since you’ll already have a sense of where everything is, and you’ll have the chance to earn frequent flyer miles (double-win).

Have Business Specific Toiletries

There is no worse feeling than realizing you forgot your toothbrush halfway through the flight. A helpful tip is to have a specific set of business trip toiletries that you use when traveling. Simply store them in or near your suitcase, so you never have to worry if they made the flight.

Keep Your Devices Fully Charged

As soon as you land at your destination, it’s likely that you’ll need to move quickly so you can make your meetings, business dinners, or other commitments on time. By keeping your devices fully charged, you can easily communicate with others, order a taxi or rideshare from the airport, and stay on track with important emails and other communications simultaneously.

Always Have a Change of Clothes With You

Whether you accidentally spill mid-flight (thanks a lot, turbulence) or the airline loses your checked luggage, it’s essential to be prepared. Keep an extra set of clothes on hand in your carry-on bag so you can easily change if needed. This will ensure that you always appear professional and represent your organization well.

Use the Business Lounge

No matter how well-prepared you are, flight cancellations and delays are sometimes inevitable. Be sure to use that extra time wisely by taking advantage of the business lounge if possible and get some extra work done. If using the lounge isn’t an option, finding a quiet place to plug in your devices and get some work done can be a great way to be productive when you’ve got extra time.

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