An Expert Guide to Office Ordering

You’re an expert in office ordering. You’re 10 steps ahead, always knowing what your team needs before they know they need it. While your job is oftentimes overlooked by the rest of the company, it’s only because they’ve never had to go without you — and that’s a good thing. From office supplies and cleaning supplies, to breakroom snacks and coffee, you’ve got it covered. If you follow these four steps, you deserve a PHD in office needs.

  1. You’re Efficient

You’ve done this long enough that you know the most efficient way to get items restocked by the next day. You’re on top of every supply in stock and ones that need to be ordered so your team never goes without.

  2. You Have a Secret Supply Closet

There’s a public supply closet, but you know that if you put everything in there it would be gone within days. It doesn’t matter how many pens or sticky notes someone has, they will always take more if they’re available. You fill the public supply closet with only the necessities and stockpile your secret space with everything else, giving your team a safety net to ensure things always run smoothly. They’ll be so impressed when you somehow have everything they need, they may start to think you’re magic.

  3. You Have An Account Set Up

You take the stress out of ordering because you already have an account set up. When it comes time to order office products in high volume, you can do so seamlessly and efficiently so you have time to focus on the rest of your work.

  4. You Plan Ahead

You looked into the future and have ordered everything your team will need before they even realize it. By the time they come to you in a panic and ask for something they need in 24-hours, you will have it in your hands and handed to them, so instead of asking pretty-please, all they have to do is say thank you.

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