Asking for More Responsibility at Work

One way to boost your career is to ask for more responsibility at work. However, while you’re taking on more responsibilities, you also need to keep up with the scope of your current workload and meet, if not exceed expectations. But how does one achieve such a fine balance? Here are a few tips that can help:

Be Clear

Prior to speaking to anyone in your organization, it’s important that you have a clear idea of the responsibilities you want to take on. Consider the goals you have and the skills you’d like to develop and select responsibilities that align with those goals the most. This will allow you to approach your supervisor with a clear detailed plan in place, showing them that you’ve put time and attention into the proposal and that you’re dedicated to doing the work.

Make an Impact

While taking on more responsibility at work is great for your career, it’s important to show your supervisor how your increased level of responsibility can add value to the organization as a whole. Once you develop the list of responsibilities you want to take on, go through each one and evaluate how that will add value and benefit the business. The ones with the most impact should be what you present to your boss first.

Be Prepared for Questions

Just like you want to be thoughtful about your current workload when taking on new responsibilities, your supervisor will likely also have questions about how you plan to balance all of your assignments. Stay a step ahead by coming up with a detailed plan that outlines a few options. Will you be delegating some tasks to other members of your team or coming up with a more streamlined productivity practice that helps you save time? Whatever the case, be sure to have a few options ready. This will prove that you’re taking your work and career seriously, value the business, and are ready for a larger role.

Good luck!

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