Become More Comfortable Sharing Ideas at Work

Modern workplaces have become a hub of collaboration and idea sharing. While everyone has ideas they should share, feeling comfortable communicating them can prove to be a challenge for some people. If you find yourself hesitating to speak up, try these tips.

Regular Brainstorming

A helpful way of separating so-so ideas from “good ideas” is to brainstorm regularly. Set aside an hour each week to brainstorm solutions and ideas for any current or upcoming projects. By brainstorming and writing everything down, you’ll be able to identify which ideas are ready to share, which ones could use some work, and which are perhaps not the right solution at that time.

Run It By a Coworker

It can be nerve-racking to jump into presenting an idea to your boss without bouncing it off a few of your colleagues beforehand. If you are someone who benefits from a “trial run”, consider setting up a time with one of your colleagues to run some ideas past them and get their thoughts. This will allow you to get comfortable sharing your ideas out loud, give you a sense of how it sounds, make improvements, and ultimately feel more comfortable when it’s time to present.

Use Visuals

While this isn’t applicable for all idea-sharing platforms, if you can add visuals to your presentation, it can be tremendously helpful. Not only will it give you an anchor to move the presentation along, but it will grab the attention of the audience, show them you put time and thought into your work, and can increase the likelihood of leaving a lasting impression.

Practice Makes Perfect

Ultimately one of the most helpful ways to get comfortable sharing ideas at work is to practice! By getting out of your comfort zone and speaking up, you can slowly train yourself to feel more comfortable, confident, and competent in the workplace. A great way to gain support is to share your goal of comfortably sharing ideas with your superior. This will allow them to give you more opportunities to practice public speaking in the workplace and will show them that you’re dedicated to growing professionally.

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