The Science Behind Happiness at Work

In last month’s poll, we asked you to tell us how you stay active in the winter. The majority of you chose going outside for a walk or going to a workout class, which is a great way to boost your energy levels and stay fit. But did you know that staying active in the winter months can actually help to boost certain hormones that can increase your happiness and success at work?

From rushed deadlines to meetings that run long, sometimes your work environment is out of your control. Luckily, there’s a way to trigger the right hormones to increase your likelihood of success. Read on to learn more about the science behind workplace happiness.

Stay Motivated with Dopamine

Dopamine is the hormone in your brain that allows you to feel motivated, alert, and focused. When you achieve praise on a work assignment and feel a rush of positive emotion, it’s due to a surge of dopamine.

A great way to boost dopamine in the workplace is to create rewards each time you accomplish a goal. For example, for each step of a project you accomplish, reward yourself with something that brings you happiness. This will allow you to get regular flows of dopamine so you’re more likely to remain vigilant and on top of every task.

Increase Happiness with Oxytocin

Oxytocin is the hormone that allows you to bond with others, reduce stress levels, and boost contentment. When you compliment a coworker or share a laugh with your colleagues in the breakroom, everyone in the interaction experiences a rise in oxytocin, allowing you to feel a sense of trust and community in the workplace.

A simple but great way to boost oxytocin is to give advice, mentor, or encourage your coworkers. Not only will this increase everyone’s overall happiness, but it will create a domino effect of kindness within the company culture.

Improve Your Leadership Skills with Serotonin

Serotonin is the hormone that helps to boost your sense of power, self-esteem, confidence, and purpose while at the same time battling your stress hormone. A great way to get your daily dose of serotonin is to be in natural sunlight, go for a walk, exercise, or express gratitude to others.

Consider these happiness-boosting practices, today!

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