Is Camping a Good Corporate Outing?

Spring is around the corner, and while it may still be chilly in your part of the world, it’s the perfect time to start planning some fun corporate events for the warm weather months. While corporate camping may not be the first thing that comes to your mind, it can offer a host of benefits for employees and the organization as a whole. Keep reading to learn if corporate camping is right for your organization.

Spark Health & Wellness

Being outside and in the fresh air can have positive benefits on your overall wellness, as it can help to boost immune function, lighten mental fatigue, and improve your mood and sleep. Furthermore, being in nature and outside of your typical work environment can also help to boost creativity, helping employees to think outside of the box and develop innovative ideas.

Boost Employee Engagement

From planning the trip to gathering supplies, camping is a great way for employees to bond and work together from the start to the end of the trip. A great way to encourage employee bonding is to take one member from each team and put them in a group together for the trip. This will allow people who don’t normally work together in the office to get to know one another, helping to boost collaboration across the company.

Identify Leaders in Your Organization

Camping can be a great opportunity to identify any future leaders within your organization. Seeing how people handle everything from setting up a tent to helping others is a great way to see how their leadership skills can be applied in environments outside of the office. This can be tremendously helpful when it comes to giving those who may not be leaders within the organization an opportunity to show their colleagues what they can bring to the table.

Even if an overnight trip isn’t a good fit for your team, a day trip or picnic at a scenic campground can have the same benefits. Consider camping as you plan your spring and summer corporate outings.

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