Benefits of an Employee Wellness Program

Employee wellness programs have become a big trend in company culture across the country. From large corporations to small businesses, health programs have been adopted into everyday office culture, mainly in part to the incredible benefits they have on employee health, both physically and mentally.

At the root of every program is the science behind habits and behavioral change. Studies have proven that most types of wellness programs will yield positive results as they encourage each person to become the best version of themselves, but they can also have a tremendous effect on the overall health of the company as well. It’s no secret that employees are the most important part of any organization and if they are well cared for they are undoubtedly motivated to work harder. Creating an opportunity for them to focus on their health and well-being gives them the opportunity to recognize just how much the company as a whole cares about them.

It may sound simple, but healthy employees are far less likely to be absent from work and are also better able to manage their stress and workload in a productive fashion. Beyond physical health, employees who partake in a wellness program will also find that it has a significant benefit on their mental health. Exercise means the release of endorphins and serotonin which not only improve one’s mood, but if done on a regular basis can help reduce anxiety and depression.

Finding a healthy work/life balance is a common struggle in today’s professional world, but with employee wellness programs, a major part of maintaining that balance is built into the very foundation of how the company is run. When employees begin to feel like they don’t just work for a company, but that the company works with them, employee retention rises alongside the overall happiness that exists within the organization.

While it’s ideal that the wellness program will be a decision made by those who run the organization, it is in fact, possible for employees themselves to start a health program between themselves and their coworkers.

If you’ve been wanting to implement more healthy habits into your life, a great way to accomplish that goal is to invite your coworkers to join you. Whether you schedule a run with your team before work and have coffee afterwards, join a boot camp twice a month over the weekend, or enter a race to help nurture team-building strategies, your own health will not only benefit, but the overall health and relationships of your coworkers will as well.

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