The Secret Ingredient to Productivity: Coffee

It’s no secret that coffee is the fuel that powers most American workdays, with over 90% of Americans consuming caffeine each day. While the common understanding is that coffee keeps us awake and alert, what some people don’t realize is that it also comes with a whole host of other benefits.

Caffeine blocks the receptors for adenosine, a compound in your brain that causes drowsiness, which ultimately leaves you feeling more energized to tackle those looming deadlines at work. Beyond waking you up in the morning, coffee can also increase your cognitive functions and memory, which is why drinking a cup after first learning something new increases your chance of remembering it down the road. This can be particularly helpful when trying to remember the name of a new coworker or what office supplies you’ll need to bring for the team brainstorming session.

Beyond memory, it has been studied and shown that consuming 200mg of caffeine a day can actually help you identify words and phrases faster than you could without the coffee bean boost. When it comes to bringing your A-game to an important meeting, coffee can be the exact push you need to impress everyone.

Most of us know what it feels like to lose motivation throughout the day. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to consume another cup of coffee before their afternoon meetings. What you may not be aware of is that in doing so you’re actually increasing your willpower and decision-making capabilities. Being alert and on your toes when it comes time to make some important decisions can help you down the road.

Ever have the urge to leave your desk and head to the breakroom for some coffee with coworkers? You’re not the only one. Studies have shown that coffee actually makes people more sociable, which isn’t surprising if you consider how often people get together at their local coffee shop. In between your productivity boosts, coffee at the office can be the connecting force between you and coworkers you don’t have the opportunity to talk with on a regular basis.

Next time you’re feeling run down at work, consider these benefits and pour yourself a cup of productivity.

The Secret Ingredient to Productivity: Coffee 1

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