Carpool with Coworkers

Morning commutes have a way of becoming the longest and most repetitive part of many workday routines. A fun and beneficial way to switch things up is to carpool with coworkers. Check out these reasons why you should consider sharing a ride.

Help save the environment! By carpooling just twice a week, there would be 1,600 fewer pounds of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere every year.

Beyond reducing your carbon footprint, ride-sharing also can help your wallet at the same time. While it’s impossible to change the rise in fuel prices, changing the way you commute to and from work can make a difference. Carpooling will allow you and others to split the cost of fuel, helping both you and your coworkers save money.

Most people are guilty of occasionally hitting snooze on their alarm in the morning. By joining a carpool, you’ll become more conscious of those relying on you and inevitably become more prepared to start your workday. Ultimately, this can help boost your overall productivity and help you plan the night before — meaning you’re way less likely to be late to work.

Long gone are the days of waiting in bumper to bumper traffic, carpooling with coworkers means zoom past the morning rush hour. Using carpool lanes in cities that have them can cut your overall commute time in half, giving you more time throughout the day to accomplish the things most important to you.

Consider these benefits and discuss carpooling with your coworkers. Posting a flyer in the breakroom with a sign-up sheet can help you get a sense of who in your office would be interested in joining in. Once you have a group together, you’ll be sure to start enjoying these benefits in no time.  Not only will it help the environment, your wallet, and your productivity and travel time, but it can also help you make new friends.


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