The Power of Nap Rooms

How can you be more productive, energized and focused at work? The answer to that question may be more simple than some suspect: Nap Rooms. The concept of an on-site nap room in offices has grown in popularity over the last few years in both corporate and small business settings and for good reason. An average of 29% of workers report falling asleep or becoming extremely tired at work, while a lack of sleep costs the United States $63 billion in lost productivity each year.

The ultimate question is: how do we change office culture to adapt to this new practice? While not impossible, nap rooms will inevitably be a difficult concept to introduce as some will hold negative perceptions as to how it can boost productivity. The key to integrating this change is to adapt the company culture to place with an emphasis on wellbeing and health. In doing so, coworkers will have the opportunity to discuss and understand the importance of taking care of themselves, reducing any potential judgment in the future.

Not only can nap rooms benefit all people in an organization, but it can be especially helpful to new parents, those who have long commutes, and those struggling with health challenges or change time zones regularly on work trips. Since life impacts work and vice versa, having a quiet place where employees can rest for 20 minutes will allow for a healthier work-life balance and maintain higher productivity rates while at their desks. Long gone are the days of chugging that third or fourth coffee. With nap rooms you can take a 20 minute snooze and feel re-energized to tackle the day.

While it may take a while for companies to adapt to this innovative approach, organizations will inevitably be better off as there is a proven correlation between nap rooms and decreased sick days and insurance claims, as well as increased productivity in the workplace.

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