Ways To Protect Your Company Against Cyber Attacks

You’d be surprised just how easy it is for a company to get hacked. In fact, it’s more common than one would expect that people drop USB drives in office parking lots, which ultimately is not too far from leaving your car unlocked with the keys inside and the motor running. An integral, but often overlooked, part of company security is safeguarding the security of company hardware. Follow these tips to help ensure your company is safe.

Protect Your Devices

Protect all company devices with a complicated password that is only shared with the device user. By ensuring all passwords are unique and known only by one person, you reduce the risk of being hacked significantly. The next step is to make sure all passwords are changed on a regular basis.

Encrypt Your Data

An important part of cybersecurity is preventing access to physical data and being able to make that data useless if it does fall into the wrong hands. To do this it’s vital to encrypt all company data. Today, data encryption remains the most effective approach to combating data breaches.

Backup Your Data

Backing up your encrypted data is a powerful tool when protecting yourself against security breaches. If someone manages to hack your company information, the data will not just be useless to them, but you will also have another device that has all of the information securely stored.

Educate Yourself and Others

By educating yourself and your coworkers, you are helping your company avoid data breaches most commonly from unsecured networks. Learning exactly what unsecured networks look like, and where they are commonly found (i.e. coffee shops, airports, hotels, etc.) can be incredibly effective. Furthermore, discouraging password sharing will also help to eliminate risks.

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