Completing Projects Effectively

No matter what the subject, every project goes through a series of phases from initiation to completion. Consider using these steps as a framework for tackling your projects to make them more approachable and your work more efficient.


Project initiation allows you to lay the groundwork for all the future stages of your project. This time can be used to assign team members to certain tasks, develop an overall goal, ask or research any clarifying questions and build your enthusiasm for the task at hand.


The planning phase of the project depends on the overall size of the project at hand. However, no matter the timeline for the work, this stage is a great opportunity to develop a clear schedule for you and any team members to reference while working. The schedule may include a detailed work breakdown plan, a list of resources, resource constraints, and project dependencies needed to get the job done. 

Doing the Work

Now that there is a plan set in place, the actual work for the project can begin. If you’re working with a larger team, it can be helpful to organize a kick off meeting to ensure everyone is on the right track and has what they need to execute their role in the project.

Monitor Your Productivity

While the project is underway, it’s important to keep it moving along as planned. If you’re working with a team, check in with coworkers to see how they’re progressing and meet with team leaders about the status of your own work as well. By monitoring the project regularly, you should be able to make any adjustments necessary to ensure it’s completed on time.


The completion phase of a project while oftentimes overlooked can actually be a great opportunity to garner feedback from your clients, coworkers, or managers. Use this time to reflect on what went well or not-so-well during the project and consider ways to improve in the future.

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