Improve Productivity for Remote Teams

Since COVID-19, traditional office spaces have evolved. While some workers have returned to the office, others are still working remotely, and some may be working remote permanently. Many companies are now wondering how productivity will be affected as a result. Here are a few suggestions to help master remote team productivity.

Integrate Communication and Management Tools

By integrating the proper communication and management tools, remote workers can connect with each other regularly. Because your team is probably already updating one another on specific tasks, having a regular source of communication should be easy to accomplish. Whether it’s a daily or weekly virtual meeting between employees and managers or a team meeting with everyone present, communication should be the cornerstone of productivity for remote workers.

Use a Project Tracker

Keep an active list of assignments that are editable and accessible by every person on the team. This can be used to assign tasks and track the progress and duration of assignments.  You can then use this information to show the length of time it took someone to complete a project, how productive they are while juggling multiple projects, and more. For example, if a specific project took a long time to complete in the past, it may be important to ask your colleagues for some help managing your workload so things can be done in a timely manner. Ultimately, if projects are tracked and managed properly, it should help employees at all levels.

Remember You’re Human

Working on a remote team can be isolating for some people, particularly if they aren’t able to socialize with coworkers in person. Remember that despite the distance that comes with working remotely, you should still make an effort to talk to your colleagues about more than just work. Rather than diving directly into work, ask your coworkers how they’re doing or how their weekend was. This can help form a stronger relationship with your colleagues and can allow everyone to be more effective in terms of communication and productivity.

Don’t forget that transitioning from the old version of normal to the “new normal” can be a daunting task. As some people work remotely, understand that there will be a period of adjustment and be patient with yourself and others.

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